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Below are E-mail lists that have a connection to webtv.  The lists will either discuss webtv or be owned and/or operated by a webtv owner or be a list that many webtv owners enjoy or can learn something from.

PLEASE, if you know of a list that would be good to list on this page send it to me at this addy.


For More Net4TV's

GOTO FIRST HALF OF THIS LIST!!! Lists170___2-23-2001

GOTO FIRST HALF OF THIS LIST!!! Lists170___2-23-2001

other........6 list........2-192001
Net4TV Voice卛nfo-internet TV devices new every other sunday.
oneisalonelynumber協riends, ideas, jokes, 18+.
taking back america卼wice a month political newsletter.
webtv-art-fun4u 18+, nature pics, adulttoons, fun.
WebTV@cuckoo.com厀ebtv/computers, webtv and the web.
webtv-women-just-nu de2卻exy nude women, no child porn.