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ASCII characters printed with(&#No.);… this page lists the ASCII codes for characters printed with the format (&#No.); as well as keyboard characters printed with "ALT" and/or "CMD"/[window key] keys.
BE HAPPY!!! This is just one of those little pages everyone makes that gets sent around to people in the hope that it will make them HAPPY.(SOME INTERESTING CODE ON THIS ONE, JAVASCRIPT)
COLOR WITH THIS!!! (working on it now)This page will help you find the best colors for your own pages.   I made this page so that you could increment and decrement by as little as one the three main color values, RED(RR), GREEN(GG), and BLUE(BB) and see how that effects the individual color as well as any of the combinations (RR)+(GG) or (GG)+(BB) or (BB)+(RR) or even (RR)+(GG)+(BB).
LIST INFO 12-28-2000… this is a page with brief discriptions about webtv related E-mail list and links to pages with full discriptions and a sign up link.
MAIL THIS BIG!!!… This is a page for those whom have a hard time seeing webtv e-mail.  This page makes it easy to read and write webtv e-mail.  This page also lets you send links at the bottom of your e-mail to pages you have already been at.  This page also makes it easy to use HTML with your e-mails.
MISSING~CHILDREN… this is a page with links to missing children listed by states and bordering states. you can even print up posters of missing children with their discription, picture, and info on their abduction. (please help)
PRINT THIS!!! This is a simple printable text page for use with WebTV and a printer. Just choose between settings(or not) then click on the button and you have a page to write on that can be printed without ads or anything else other then your text.
***SCRAP–B–LOAD***… (coming soon)Scrapbook loader and more.
SEARCH ME!!! This page has a list of many search engines displayed with a pulldown and a quick reference textarea.(YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS ONE!)-(SOME REAL INTERESTING CODE ON THIS ONE, JAVASCRIPT)
STORY OF ***ME***… (coming someday)The story of my life as a victim of SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE.
TAG THIS!!! This page lists web pages that have HTML or JAVASCRIPT tags and attributes with discriptions as to how to use them(GREAT REFERENCES).
TRY and HELP… (maybe coming someday)WYSIWYG editor that works with tripod's custom editor.
WEBTV DON'T CARE!!! This little page is a small commentary about how i feel about WebTV. This page can be linked to by anyone in an e-mail or web page(code for linking on page).