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welcome to
  PRINT THIS 100%  

From time to time on a number of e-mail lists i have heard people asking for a simple print page for WebTV.
Well, this is a simple print page for WebTV.

Above you will find several settings you can have on the final printable page.   Just make your selections and click on the button marked
"GO - AHEAD - AND - MAKE - IT –– (BIG TOM)".

There are several settings to choose from.   For instance you can set the background and text colors.   By using the pulldowns marked "BACKGROUND" and "TEXT" you can change the color for the final printable page and see the colors in the small center box.   If you do not change the colors you will have the preset colors that show in the box ( background=white  -  text=black ).

By using the third pulldown you can set the text size anywhere from one to seven(1-7) and if you don't it will be set to three(3) for you.

You can choose any of the following text accents
If you choose BLACKFACE and ITALIC or TT you will get an alert warning you that BLACKFACE gets canceled out if used with ITALIC or TT (try BOLD instead).   You can set BLACKFACE with ITALIC or TT at the same time but BLACKFACE will get canceled out and you will only see the ITALIC or TT.

You can choose any of the following text EFFECTS EMBOSS – RELIEF – SHADOW.

Well that's it.   Remember that you can change as many or as few of the setting that you want to.   If you just click on the button marked

you will get a printable page with a standard black text, white background, with text at a font size of three(3).   Have a good one and enjoy the page.   If you like the page why not send it to someone you know.

  If you have any comments good or bad about this page please feel free to write ME at the following address: