MAIL THIS BIG!!! is a multi use page.   The first and main focus is that of a help page.   This page is for those webtvers whom have a hard time seeing and need larger print to read and write e-mails.

The second focus of this page is to give webtvers a way to send past visited URL's in an e-mail to themselves or someone else.

The third focus of this page is to give an easy way for webtvers to enter HTML in their e-mails.


The print in all the text fields is in font size 7 and both BOLD and BLACKFACE are used to make the text as large as possible.   The page is set up to be used with webtvs own e-mail write screen.   The fields are the same as your normal e-mail page.   Just use it the same way.   You may even use your address book.   Just click on the TO: link as you would normally do.   When you have entered in all the info you want just click on the button marked "MAIL THIS BIG!!".   After clicking the button you will be taken to your webtv write screen with all the info placed into the right fields.   Then all you have to do is click on the send button like normal and the e-mail will be sent!!!

If you have a hard to read e-mail just cut/copy/paste the e-mail into the textarea and it will become large print that is easy to read.


Normally webtvers can only send the page they are on(LAST URL).   With this page you can do that but you can also send any URL from your last 30 or so visited URL's.   You can send a link with any of the URL's by just clicking on the checkbox next to the URL.   In addition there are two buttons that will help you click the right checkboxes.   You may choose between two options with the buttons marked "LAST URL" or "SET ALL".   Even if you have already selected some URL's the buttons will do their job and either select the last visited URL(LAST URL) or all of your visited URL's(SET ALL).   If after clicking on one of the buttons you change your mind.   You can always click the other button or just click one of the checkboxes either clicking them on or off.


This page gives you the option to use HTML.   The way the page is set up you need not add <HTML> because it's added automatically for you.   Just add tags as you need them.   Remember that you should always use the closing tags or it may effect your sigs appearance.   As an added bonus I have added nine closing </FONT> tags just in case you forget to close a couple of <FONT> tags.   BTW you may use your sigs with this page as well as use the spell checker after reaching your webtv write screen.   As a much appreciated bonus from my point of view is that your spaces will remain were you put them without collapsing after the e-mail is sent.   Also if you would like to set a font size for the e-mail i have added a button to do just that.   The button is marked "Size" and if clicked it will cycle through the 7 font sizes.   If you don't click the button the e-mail will be sent in the normal font size of 3.   If you use the button to set the all over font size for the e-mail you can also change the font size through out the e-mail by adding the right tags.   I hope you will enjoy this page for a long time and will share it with others whom will appreciate its benefits.